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Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Your Home

Keeping your home and business as clean as possible can seem a daunting chore with many unanswered questions. Luckily, you can find the answers to many of those questions right here! If our FAQ section doesn't address your most important cleaning-related questions, then by all means, please call us directly for a thorough answer!

Is Green Cleaning Good for My Health?

Yes. Since non-green cleaning agents can contain toxic chemicals, those cleaning agents can compromise your health. Green cleaning avoids agents with those chemicals, so it helps to maintain your good health.

How Often Can You Provide a House Cleaning?

We can clean your house as frequently or as infrequently as you need us to. Whether you need routine cleaning services or service just on a necessary basis, you can depend on us to provide the regularity of cleaning that you need.

How Large of a Building Can Your Janitorial Staff Handle?

We have the staff and the resources to provide janitorial staff for any building, small or large. Whether you have a 500-foot space or a 10,000-foot space, we can keep the place looking spotless.

Can I Provide My Own Cleaning Products?

Absolutely! If you have your own stock of preferred cleaning products, you may absolutely request that our cleaning personnel use those instead of our own supplies.

How Much Time Does Your House Cleaning Service Take?

We strive to work as quickly yet as thoroughly as we can, but the actual timeframe for a house cleaning, of course, depends upon the size of your home. For an accurate estimate, please explain the size of your house and the services required when scheduling an appointment.

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