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Steps for Getting Streak-Free Windows

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We at Triangle Clean Team think your windows say a lot about your home, and to be sure they're saying nothing but good things, you need to give them a beautiful, streak-free cleaning. But how can you get such a window cleaning? The task surely can seem daunting as you grapple with streaky, lint-covered windows every time you go to clean them.

The solution, luckily, is simple. And using many items that you likely already have at home, this solution is also inexpensive -- far more inexpensive than the costly streak-free products you see in the stores. To learn the most affordable and most effective way to get beautiful, streak-free windows, just read on ahead!

Use a Solution of Vinegar & Hot Water

The right cleaning solution doesn't have to come from some cleaning store, and it doesn't have to contain harsh chemicals. Instead, it can actually come right from your cabinet and your kitchen sink. With a solution made of one part vinegar and one part hot water, you'll be able to get stunning, streak-free windows effortlessly and affordably.

Wipe with a Lint-Free Cloth

Of course, even a high-quality cleaning solution won't do a thing to get you the streak-free windows you want if you wipe them down with a lint-laden cloth. Instead, you need to use a lint-free microfiber cloth or rag. Even a newspaper will do in a pinch for wiping away your window cleaner without leaving any streaks behind.

Be Sure Your Windows Are Fully Dry

While we're on the subject of drying your windows, we need to stress that you need to wipe them DRY -- as in FULLY dry. If you leave too much moisture on your windows, that moisture might wind up turning into an unsightly film that will leave -- what else? -- streaks. Avoid the streaks by not getting lazy at the tail-end of this chore.

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