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4 Ways That Vinegar Can Clean Your Home Naturally

Triangle Clean Team | Green cleaning with vinegar

If you're any kind of a cook, you're likely more than familiar with how useful vinegar can be for many different kinds of dishes and cooking techniques. But did you know vinegar can also help keep your home clean? It most certainly can -- and in a variety of ways!

If you're not sure what those ways are, just check out Triangle Clean Team's handy guide about some of vinegar's best uses for cleaning. While keeping your home spick-and-span, you'll also be helping the environment since vinegar is natural and harmless to Mother Earth!

Cleaning the Bathroom

Your bathroom is more prone to messes than just about any other room in your home, so you'll need to work a little extra hard to keep it clean. Of course, hard work doesn't have to come from harsh chemicals, and thanks to natural vinegar, you can keep your bathroom looking and smelling great without suffering from any harmful chemicals!

Making the Dishes Sparkle

Have your favorite dishes started to show exactly how much you love them in the form of unflattering and stubborn stains? If so, you need to reach for the vinegar! Vinegar can remove even the most stubborn sauce, coffee, and other such food stains, leaving your dishes looking great without the use of harmful toxins!

Removing Carpet Stains

Have a stubborn carpet stain? Don't go out and spend a small fortune buying cleaning solutions and renting a carpet cleaner. Instead, mix a couple tablespoons of vinegar with a quarter cup of salt or baking powder, rub it into the stain, let it sit up overnight, and vacuum it away the next day!

Neutralizing Odors

Vinegar's enzymes eliminate odors more thoroughly than most supermarket cleaners will. So, with vinegar, you can remove the fowlest and most stubborn odors while still keeping the environment safe.

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